Patchwork (百家布 "Pai Jia Pu")

#Patchwork #Blanket or #百家布 (pronounced “Bai Jia Bu”) is a cultural product in the early #Chinesecommunity. It’s said that parents will collect #fabrics from relatives and friends to make a patchwork blanket for their 100 days old baby as a blessing from everyone. At present, patchwork is not limited to blanket but a developed technique in the #textile and #fashion #design industry including #clothing and home furnishings.

“Bai Jia Bu” also known as “100 Good Wishes Quilt” is a traditional way to bring #fortune to the baby so that they could grow up well as the quilt contains #luck, energy and #wealth. The story behind “Bai Jia Bu” is to always remember #home, where you truly belong to no matter what.


The founding of Ulu-Ulu is for the one and only reason: local culture appreciation.

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