Dried Meat (肉干 "Rou Gan")

Bak Kwa is famous among the Malaysian and Singaporean #Chinese during #CNY but you might not know about its origin. It’s also known as #肉干 (pronounce “Rou Gan” in Mandarin), the #driedmeat product is the result of #meat preservation originates from a Fujian province in China centuries ago where the poor gather leftover meats from festivals and marinate them for later consumption. They were then air-dried and sliced into thin sheets and ka-ching, here we have the mouth-watering #BakKwa! #RouGan

Back then, when the Chinese immigrants brought this #delicacy over to #Malaysia and #Singapore, it had since become the characteristic of #local #culture.


The founding of Ulu-Ulu is for the one and only reason: local culture appreciation.

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