The Tray of Togetherness

“The Tray of Togetherness” has a dazzling array of #candies representing different kinds of good #fortune in starting a #NewYear sweetly. In the #Chinese #culture, it also symbolises “#Perfect” for the great New Year.

It’s also known as “The Box of Harmony” which has a variety snack like #nuts, #seeds, #candy and #dryfood in the candy box. During #CNY, the candy box will be offered to the relatives that visit. Each snack and treat has a #hidden #meaning and give #blessing to those who ate it. Have you ever wonder what each special treats symbolize? #candytray

Two Tangerines (on top of the candy box): Extra Blessings

Candy: Wealth and Sweetness of Life

Lotus Root: Strong Family Ties

Lotus Seeds or Watermelon Seeds: Fertility

Cracked Sesame Balls: Laughter

Dried Pineapple: Success, Wealth, Luck

Mandarin Oranges: Wealth

Ginger: Longevity

Water Chestnut: Unity

Gold Chocolate Coins: Good Fortune

Kumquats: Prosperity

Coconuts: Friendship, Father and Son Unity

Peanuts: Longevity

Longan or Pistachios: Happiness

Red Melon Seeds: Happiness, Joy, Honesty and Sincerity

Candied Melon: Growth and Health